About UCityGuides.com

UCityGuides.com was created for today's modern traveler. That's a busier, more urbane traveler who sees much of the world in his or her lifetime through short city breaks, on business trips, or on hedonistic journeys. These are guides for those planning a visit to the world's major cities, with all the essential information as a checklist, to save time in the travel planning and bookings, and focusing on the attractions that can't be missed.

Created in 2007 and relaunched in 2019, these guides are the one-stop source for the savvy urban traveler, presenting the best each city has to offer, free of boring or irrelevant facts. We cut through the clutter and go straight to the point, directing you to the must-see attractions and letting you know where to find your other personal interests -- from shopping to art, to gay hotspots.

Why aren't there more cities? Because we haven't been there yet or we simply weren't inspired enough to recommend them. Unlike many other guides, we only cover the destinations that we've experienced and enjoyed, guaranteeing that we offer the most reliable information. We direct travelers to more than just monuments and museums, we highlight the best street life, shopping districts, and the most striking modern architecture. In short: what you need to know before you go to the world's most exciting cities.