Top 10 Naples Attractions

The main things you must see and do in Naples, Italy

    National Archaeological Museum

  • 1. National Archaeological Museum
  • Reason enough to visit Naples, this museum in a 16th-century building holds one of the world's richest archaeological collections. It has countless priceless pieces from ancient times, mainly taken from Pompeii and Herculaneum, including splendid mosaics, frescoes and sculptures.
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  • 2. Day Trip to Pompeii

  • The world's most famous archaeological site takes you to a place frozen in time -- the city destroyed by an eruption of the Vesuvius volcano almost 2000 years ago. Many of the artifacts discovered in the 18th century are now in the National Archaeological Museum, but there’s still plenty to see, such as houses with rich wall decorations and a curious brothel with erotic frescoes illustrating each prostitute’s specialties.
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    Capodimonte Museum

  • 3. Capodimonte Museum
  • The royal palace now houses one of Italy’s finest museums, showing art from the major Italian and European artists, from the 13th to the 19th centuries. Highlights include works by Bellini, Botticelli, Caravaggio, Raphael and Titian, but also Andy Warhol’s “Vesuvius” in the modern art collection.
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  • 4. Teatro San Carlo
  • Naples' famous opera house is one of the most important in Europe. It was inaugurated in 1737, four decades before that other famous opera in Italy, the La Scala in Milan. It stands out for its stunning architecture as much as for its world-class productions.
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  • 5. Castel Nuovo
  • Called “nuovo” (“new”) to distinguish it from the city’s other castles at the time, this is quite an old monument, built in 1279 with volcanic stone. The entrance is through a white marble arch, and once inside you find a 13th-century chapel and a small museum.
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  • 6. Palazzo Reale
  • The royal palace built in 1600, where royalty lived until 1946, can now be visited. It has a grand marble staircase leading to the Royal Apartments, which are arranged around a central courtyard. The decoration includes frescoes, sculptures, and paintings by artists like Luca Giordano and Titian.
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  • 7. The Duomo
  • The city's cathedral was built between 1294 and 1323, on the site of a 4th-century basilica. The arches inside are flanked by ancient granite columns, and one of the chapels is considered a Renaissance masterpiece -- the Cappella Carafa, which contains the tomb of San Gennaro, Naples’ patron saint.
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  • 8. Galleria Umberto I
  • This glass-domed shopping arcade dates from the late 1800s and features an impressive iron-and-glass roof above a patterned marble pavement. It’s where you find some of the city’s most expensive stores, cafés and restaurants, but you don’t have to spend a penny to admire the beautiful architecture.
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  • 9. Via Chiaia
  • Naples’ main pedestrian street starts in Piazza Trieste e Trento (pictured above), where you see the Church of San Ferdinando, the entrance to the Galleria Umberto I and the side of San Carlo Theater. Lining the street are shopping opportunities for all budgets, from tourist shops to designer boutiques.
    Locate it on the map: Via Chiaia

  • 10. Certosa di San Martino Monastery
  • One of the richest monuments in Naples, this baroque monastery has two fine cloisters and is adorned with works by some of the greatest 17th- and 18th-century artists. However, for many, the main reason for a visit is the view of the city and Vesuvius.
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