Copenhagen Airport and Transportation

How to get to and from the airport, and getting around the city on public transportation

Copenhagen Airport

Take the 12-minute train ride from the airport to reach Copenhagen's central station ("Hovebanegården") or the Metro to Kongens Nytorv in the heart of the city in just 15 minutes.

Transfers from the Airport

If you don't wish to rely on public transportation and prefer the convenience of a transfer, here are your options:


Getting Around Copenhagen

It is possible to see the entire city on foot, and you may not even need to use any public transportation once you arrive at your hotel until you leave again for the airport. However, if you do end up wanting to save your legs, use the Metro.

Car Rental

To go elsewhere in Denmark by car, check the cheapest rental rates:

Car Rentals

Copenhagen Map

Copenhagen City Break Travel Planner

  • Get a Room
  • Look for the right type of accommodation at the right place and at the right price for you:


  • Get the Tourist Card
  • Enjoy free transportation and free or reduced admission to many of the top attractions, and get a complimentary map:

    Tourist Card

  • Plan Your Sightseeing
  • Hop on a sightseeing bus, go on a walking tour, a cruise or day trip:

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