Gay & Lesbian Travel Guide

It's a Gay World After All: You're queer, you're here, and the world is now used to it!

Gay Street

The world's major cities have now grown accustomed to gay culture, and with the visibility of openly gay personalities the urban world has gone from offering only a few underground gay venues, to opening gay-friendly hotspots, to having predominantly gay neighborhoods.
The idea of a gay hotel would also probably be unthinkable just two decades ago, but now there is even a new "straight-friendly" concept. Cities such as Paris and Berlin have elected gay mayors, and gay issues have now mostly become non-issues in countries like Denmark and Spain. Knowing that the gay population has a more disposable income and loves to travel, the world's most cosmopolitan cities aim to attract gay and lesbian visitors. So while as a gay person your first impulse may be to look for a gay-friendly restaurant or neighborhood, chances are you can be sure you'll be welcomed pretty much anywhere in any major city.
UCityGuides includes a gay section in all of its featured cities, covering the bars, hotels, restaurants, or any other major gay attraction each city has to offer. This is therefore also your ultimate guide to the gay urban world.

Gay Hotels

There are hotels that advertise as "gay-friendly" and then there are those that openly say they're proudly a hotel for gay travelers. Many of those now choose to say they're for "adults only" instead of using the "gay hotel" label (so that straight travelers don't feel excluded), but in reality they remain as gay as ever. These are places where gays and lesbians can feel completely comfortable and safe, and surrouded by "like-minded" people. They're often located in or close to the gayest neighborhoods, where you can find the gay bars and clubs. If that's what you're looking for, here's the list of the world's gay hotels (not just simply "gay-friendly"):

Amistad Hotel, Amsterdam
Amsterdam - Amistad Hotel

More Details and Prices
Axel Hotel, Barcelona
Barcelona - Axel Hotel

More Details and Prices
Two Hotel, Barcelona
Barcelona - Two Hotel by Axel

More Details and Prices
Axel Berlin
Berlin - Axel Hotel

More Details and Prices
Tom's Hotel, Berlin
Berlin - Tom's Hotel

More Details and Prices
Two Hotel by Axel, Berlin
Berlin - Two Hotel by Axel

More Details and Prices
Late Birds Guesthouse, Lisbon
Lisbon - The Late Birds Guesthouse

More Details and Prices
Axel Hotel, Madrid
Madrid - Axel Hotel

More Details and Prices
Gaythering Hotel, Miami
Miami - Hotel Gaythering

More Details and Prices
Elysium Hotel, Mykonos
Mykonos - Elysium Hotel

More Details and Prices
G-club Hotel, Prague
Prague - G-club Hotel

More Details and Prices
Second Floor Hotel, Rome
Rome - B&B Second Floor

More Details and Prices

Gay Hostels

If you're on a budget, you can still find cheap (as in affordable) gay accommodation. There are gay hostels in a couple of cities, with younger travelers as the target guests. Here's where you can have a gay old time without spending much:

Gay Hostel, Berlin
Berlin - Gay Youth Hostel

More Details and Prices
Gay hostel, Madrid
Madrid - Gay Hostal Puerta del Sol

More Details and Prices

Gay Tours

Many of the world's major cities now offer LGBT-themed tours. Most of those cities are the most open-minded and gay-friendly cities in the world, but there are also a few that aren't exactly known for their LGBT-friendly politics, yet still attract high numbers of gay travelers and therefore cater to their interests. The tours usually go through the most popular "gayborhoods," focus on the local LGBT history, or simply take you through the hottest gay bars in town. Here's where you can go on a gay-themed tour and what to expect:


LGBTQ Night Out Tour


Gay Night Tour


Gay & Lesbian Scene Walking Tour
Schöneberg Neighborhood and LGBTQ Community Walking Tour


Gay-Friendly Tour


Day Trip to Gay Beach 19
Pride Tour


Private LGBT Chueca Tour

Mexico City

Gay Heritage Tour

New Orleans

Gay Heritage & Drinks Tour


Gay Marais Walking Tour


Gay Pub Crawl

Rio de Janeiro

Gay Nightlife Tour

San Francisco

Castro District Historical Walking Tour


Gay & Lesbian History Tour

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