Marrakech Airport and Transportation

How to get to and from the airport, and getting around the city on public transportation


Once in the center of Marrakech, you can walk to most attractions - ©

Marrakech Airport

Marrakech's Menara Airport is 5 km (3 mi) west of central Marrakech and your only option to reach the city is by taxi. You'll have to haggle the price with the driver before you get in, but you should pay no more than around 125 dirhams (about 10 euros or 15 US dollars) during the daytime and 175 dirhams (15 euros or around 22 dollars) at night. It's probably a good idea to get another tourist to share the ride and therefore the cost with you. Better yet is pre-booking a transfer so you can have a hassle-free arrival and departure:

Transfers from the Airport

If you prefer the convenience of a transfer, here are your options:


Getting Around

Although you'll tour the city by foot, if you ever feel the need for transportation, you'll also have to use a taxi to get around. "Remind" the driver to turn on the meter and expect to pay anywhere between 20 and 50 dirhams to any point within the city.
Getting around by bus can be quite unpleasant, especially at rush hour when everyone tries to get in at the same time.

Car Rental

If you plan to go elsewhere in Morocco (such as Essaouira), you may take the bus or rent a car. Check the cheapest rental rates here:

Car Rentals

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